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How can Unity Pro error 'Impossible to transfer project to PLC due to compatibility checks' be corrected?

    Error message is displayed when trying to connect or download to a PLC.

    - The version of the firmware in the project is not compatible with the version of the firmware in the PLC.
    - There is a library installed in the PLC that is not installed in the current version of Unity Pro.

     - Change the version of firmware used in the project to the version used in the PLC. To change the Unity version Select the PLC CPU part number in the Project browser. Right Click and select to change PLC version. Then select the correct CPU version to match the actual Hardware version.
     - Reflash the PLC with a version compatible with the version of Unity Pro being used in the project. Reflashing requires upgrading the firmware in the actaul CPU hardware to the latest firmware version avaialable.
     - Try to determine what library functions exist in the PLC that are not installed in Unity Pro.  If this can be determined, install that
          library into Unity Pro.

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