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Does Schneider Electric offer a direct replacement for the Berger Lahr 5 phase stepping motors?

No,  there is no direct replacement for Berger Lahr 5 phase stepping motors.
The Berger Lahr 5 phase stepping motors have been obsolete for over 15 years and there is no direct replacement offered.
Customers looking for replacements must upgrade the motor and the drive to new products.
Obsolete 5 phase motors include all RDM56x, RDM59x, RDM51xx, VRDM56x, VRDM59x, VRDM511x.
Any version and any combination of type code that is similar to those listed above are obsolete and no longer offered.  
Service on 5 phase motors is also no longer offered.

Upgrading to new 3 phase stepping motor products is the only option.
Please consider the Schneider Electric SD32x product line

rev 5-21-18
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