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Does Schneider Electric offer individual Molex plugs for Lexium Integrated Drives?

No, individual Molex plugs are not offered by Schneider Electric.
Schneider Electric only offers the complete set of plugs to mate with all available connections in Lexium Integrated Drives using part number VW3L10111

Customer needing specific Molex plugs in single piece quantities can contact Molex or one of Molex distributors to purchase the plugs.
Below is a list of the connectors along with the manufacturers part numbers.

CN1 - Tyco part number 1-926 522-1 Positive Lock
CN2 - Molex part number 43015-1200  Micro-Fit 3.0
CN3 - Molex part number 39-01-2065 Mini-Fit Jr.
CN4 - Molex part number 43015-0600  Micro-Fit 3.0
CN5 - Molex part number 43645-0200  Micro-Fit 3.0

rev 2-19-18
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