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Application Note: Com'X 510 Version 3.0.6 Upgrade with existing BCPM A or E

If you are logging data from a BCPM A/E using a Com'X 510 with a firmware version prior to version 3.0.6 you will not be able to combine the historical data pre and post firmware upgrade.

Product Line:
Com'X 510

Com'X 510 Firmware Upgrade with logged BCPM A/E devices.

  • The BCPM A and BCPM E device types have been modified in the back-end of the Power Data Model used by the Com'X 510 in version 3.0.6.  
  • If you upgrade to version 3.0.6, the Com'X will not recognize your existing BCPM A/E as a valid device type. It will show instead as a Resource##
  • You will not be able to delete the old BCPM A/E (Resource##) after an upgrade
  • The data that you had logged prior to any upgrade is still available, but it does not show as BCPM A/E.  
  • To gather new data, you would need to auto-discover or add the BCPM A/E (new model) to begin logging again​
The Com'X 510 engineering team is working on a solution. Until the solution is available it is not recommended to upgrade the Com'X 510 firmware to version 3.0.6 if the Com'X 510 is logging data for a BCPM A/E.

If the Com'X 510 is not logging data for a BCPM A/E there is not a risk to upgrade.
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