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Does the Ethernet Remote IO systems support the programming of the DROP EFBs?

Support for programming of the DROP EFBs
Support for programming of the DROP EFBs
Product Line
Quantum 140CRP31200 140CRA31200
Unity pro
Yes. The DROP EFBs and other DROP associated function block are usable for the Quantum Ethernet Remote IO sytems
The Drop EFB Function block is available to monitor Ethernet I/O (ERIO) S908 I/O (RIO), distributed I/O (DIO) or network option I/O (NOM). The DROP EFB is applicable to ERIO/RIO and Modbus Plus DIO type I/O station types. If ERIO/RIO or NOM is used, connect the DROP EFB to the slot on the RIO communication module or the NOM module. This DROP function block in the configuration section is connected to the corresponding SLOT output of the QUANTUM function block.

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