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What is the purpose of the BMXNOR0200H firmware version 1.7?

BMXNOR0200H firmware version 1.7
BMXNOR0200H firmware version 1.7
Product Line
M340 BMXNOR0200H
Unity Pro 10 or higher
The new V1.7 firmware for the BMXNOR0200H has been developed to both integrate all previous version releases of specific customer enhancements, as well as to incorporate general market requests, cyber security improvements, and fixes for any discovered firmware bugs. Also included are enhancements which improve the cyber security of the module, as well as to improve the database management.

The V1.7 firmware includes all of the features of previous versions with additional enhancements and bug fixes as per the attached spreadsheet.
The V1.7 firmware is compatible with all previous versions of Unity Pro.  Some cyber security settings are only available with Unity Pro versions 10 or higher.

Please note that there are no changes to the hardware of the module, or to any logistics or commercial aspects of the offer.

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