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Do our Tesys contactor, overload relay,GV2 breakers comply with NFPA70?

The NFPA means National Fire Protection Association.

The NFPA is not a standard it is mainly best practice to protect against fire.

The NFPA best practice lead to generate

- NEC ( National Electrical Code ) which define how any electrical product must be installed and what are also the electrical installation rules…

- UL standard as UL508, UL489……

It is normal you do not find for TeSys reference to NFPA as only UL 508 refers to this document.

Our products, which are design under UL 508, can be used without issue as NFPA and NEC lead to their construction under UL standard.

Unfortunately we cannot send extract of UL 508 standard ( we cannot copy extract ) but reading the UL 508 you will find in page 17, 27, 28 and 66 of 372 there is in UL 508 document reference’s to NFPA 70.

There is no product ( in regards of our today knowledge ) which are certified under NFPA guide, they are only certified under UL 508, UL 489…

Hope this will answer to your needs, but it is strange that consultant does not know haw work UL standards.
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