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How to Enable or Disable Communication Ports in an ION8650C Meter

A total of 6 communication ports could be available depending on the communication options on the meter.  However, only 3 ports (one has to be the front optical port) can work concurrently.

Product Line
ION8650 option C

Communication Ports

In order to switch between ports, the enabled ports have to be disabled before another port can be enabled.  This process is required in order not to exceed the maximum allowable of 3.


1.  In ION Setup go to the Enabled Ports tab:


Select one of the ports that is to be disabled and click Edit; the following window opens.  Select which ports are to be enabled or disabled and click OK to accept the changes:


2.  In Designer the Factory Module has the setup registers to enable/disable the communication ports.  Select a port and click on Modify to change the setting:


In case the number of ports exceed the 3 allowed, the following message appears:


In the above case the Factory Module went to offline state.  Edit the module to disable the port and save to put the module back in online state.

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