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ION 8650 C - How Many Simultaneous Communications Ports Can Be Used?

Limitation on number of enabled physical ports to the meter will result in communication failure on the disabled ports.

Product Line
ION8650 option C

Communication Ports

The ION 8650 C only allows three physical ports to be enabled at any given time, of which one is always the front optical port.

The meter has the capability to have up to six communication options (ports):
1) COM1: RS232 / RS485
2) COM2: internal modem
3) COM3: front optical
4) COM4: RS485
5) Ethernet
6) Cellular modem

Only two ports can be enabled besides the front panel optical port (Which is always enabled by default) .  In order to use other communication options, the enabled ports should be disabled first.  Otherwise this message will pop up:


For information on how to enable/disable ports in an ION8650C meter, refer to FA284369 article.
For information on the maximum simultaneous connections that can be communicate on each port, refer to FA212335 article.
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