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How to Create a Disk Simulator Display

Simulating the behavior of a mechanical watt-hour meter.

Product Line
ION86xx meters

Display framework in an ION meter template

ION meter's Calibration Pulser modules support the Disk Simulator feature.

1. Create a new Calibration Pulser module (CAL) and connect its input to a 'power' quantity (e.g. kVAR tot).
Note that the energy value will be calculated and the result will be available on the output of the CAL module.  It is this energy value that will eventually be displayed.

2. Set the 'Port' setup register to a physical port.  If the port is not specified, then the Disk Position output is zero even if there is a non‐zero accumulated quantity.

3. Create a new Display module and choose the type as Disk Simulator.


4. Connect the new Display module's first input to the Calibration Pulser module's Disk Position output that is to be monitored.

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