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What are the 140CRP31200 Service Port capabilities?

140CRP31200 Service Port
140CRP31200 Service Port capabilities
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Unity Pro
The SERVICE port of the 140CRP31200 allows the diagnosis of Ethernet ports and provides access to external tools and devices (Unity Pro, ConneXium Network Manager, HMI, etc.). The port supports these modes:
1.  Access port (default): This mode supports Ethernet communications.
2.  Port Mirroring: In this mode, data traffic from one or more of the other 3 ports is copied to this port. This allows a connected tool to monitor and analyze the port traffic.
3.  Disabled

 You can configure the SERVICE port either on line or off line.
 In port mirroring mode, the SERVICE port acts like a readonly port. That is, you cannot access devices (ping, connection to Unity Pro, etc.) through the SERVICE port.

The maximum load the network can process from distributed I/O devices is:
  •  5 Mbps per dual-ring switch (DRS) port or service port
  •  20 Mbps for distributed I/O traffic on the main ring
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