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How to delete a DTM in a Unity pro application when not installed - M340 platform

Goals and Symptoms
Error message displayed when trying to delete a DTM
Potential issue due to the DTM version Compatibility"
"Warning: Potential issue due to the DTM version incompatibility.  xxx DTM.  
An error occurs during the check of DTM compatibility. DTM version in application is Vxxx).
DTM on the PC: not installed or installed without version information

Facts and Changes
M340, BMXNOC0401
Causes and Fixes
As of today, when a DTM is not installed,  it is impossible to create the dynamic menu of the Dtm and then delete it.
We suggest to
  • Install the required DTM
  • Update the DTM catalog
  • Open the application and the TOOL>DTM browser
  • Delete the desired DTM from the DTM browser tree.
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