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How to manage Data inconsistencies in DDDT type of Advantys equipments used in Unity Pro?

Goals and Symptoms

On some equipments you can have inconsitencies beetwen data in the DDDT type of Advantys equipments when used in Unity Pro.

Example: STB AHI 8321 Module used in a STB island with STB NIP 2x 1x module.

Causes and Fixes

This behavior is normal If the data is not 32 bit aligned.  that means ,if Primary variable (32 bit data) object is not acquiring address like 0,4,8,12 etc...then M580 master aligns them automatically to Byte array.So it is necessary to plan the island in such a way that the variables falls at 32 bit boundary.
An other easier solution consists in Configuration Advantys software for each module to add alignment parameter, this parameter allows to re-align the variables.

After validation the variables become consistent.

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