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How to Extract Data from a Database Using a Command Prompt

Exporting data from a table in database.

Product Line
BCP (Bulk Copy Program)

Command prompt window

Sometimes the customer may not be tech-savvy and it is easier to extract the required information by passing a command and asking them to run it from a DOS window.

BCP is a utility that can be executed from the command line and has the following syntax:
bcp {[[database_name.][owner].]{table_name | view_name} | "query"}
{in | out | queryout | format} data_file
[-mmax_errors] [-fformat_file] [-x] [-eerr_file]
[-Ffirst_row] [-Llast_row] [-bbatch_size]
[-n] [-c] [-w] [-N] [-V (60 | 65 | 70 | 80)] [-6]
[-q] [-C { ACP | OEM | RAW | code_page } ] [-tfield_term]
[-rrow_term] [-iinput_file] [-ooutput_file] [-apacket_size]
[-Sserver_name[\instance_name]] [-Ulogin_id] [-Ppassword]
[-T] [-v] [-R] [-k] [-E] [-h"hint [,...n]"]

Here is an example of how to extract data from 'Source' table in ION_Data:

C:\>BCP "select * from ion_data.dbo.source" queryout C:\Temp\SourceNames.txt -SCB9RBM313\ION -w -T

–S:  specifies the instance name to connect to
-w:  performs copy operation using Unicode characters
–T:  designates a trusted connection and BCP uses the Windows credentials; In case there is no Windows credentials, –U (specifies the login name) and –P (specifies the password) can be used instead.
queryout:  copies from a query and must be specified only when bulk copying data from a query

A text file is created in the specified destination.

Here is how the data is formatted in the text file:

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