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Preventa XY2C - How many deviations is it possible to use, when our XY2C E.stop rope pull switches are installed?

Please find hereafter our answer for each XY2C family of E.stop rope pull switches :
1) XY2CJ rope pull switches
The answer is supplied into the instruction sheet, attached

2) XY2CH and XY2CE rope pull switches: XY2CE5*
The answer is not mentionned in the current instruction sheet. It is the same as the XY2CJ one. For the XY2CE, we recommend to select the light force switch for 2 deviations XY2CE5* or XY2CE6*

3) XY2CED double-sided rope pull switch
Such switch is designed for no deviation because of the operating principle of this switch: the 2 cables are in balance with the 2 end-springs at each extremity. Attached instruction sheet extract.

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