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Cannot modify the onboard data log settings of a PM600 using ION Setup

ION Setup cannot modify the on-board data log settings and it shows 'download incomplete' when trying to send the modified settings to the PM600

Product Line
PM600 series 

ION Setup 3.0

When the PM600's protocol is set to powerlogic (SY/MAX), the EGX100/300 do not correctly translate some core data log registers/file causing the Modbus write function sent from ION Setup to return an illegal modbus exception.

fortunately, the PM600 series can be set up to use Modbus protocol instead of Powerlogic. The EGX100/300 simply converts the Modbus RTU packets to Modbus TCP packets and no protocol translation is done in process. Once the PM600's protocol has been changed to Modbus, make sure that the EGX100/300's device list has been appropriately changed to reflect the protocol change. You can test now test ION Setup and make sure that you can read/write the on-board Datalog settings.  
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