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Cannot open '.sta' that was created with Unity 10

Goals and Symptoms
Opening a Unity 10 '.sta' file with Unity 11 returns a conversion error.

Facts and Change
Unity 11

Causes and Fixes 

In UnityPro V8.0, if the 'Allow INT/DINT in place of ANY_BIT' project setting is enabled, Type Uint and UDint variables cannot be used in logic EF.   This behavoir is in accordance with information stated in the documentation (i.e."Type Uint and UDint variables  should not be used for EF when dealing with generic ANY_BIT formal parameters.").  However, the behavior was broken in Unity 10 and a build was incorrectly allowed.  This was corrected in Unity 11.  If you try to open the Unity 10 '.sta' file with Unity 11, a conversion error will get returned.

To resolve the issue,
-Open the '.stu' application with Unity 10.
-Enable the 'Implicit Type Conversion' project setting.
-Save as a .'sta'

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