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Unable to assign an IP address to a Unity Momentum processor using a Bootp or DHCP server

Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to inform users of the Unity Momentum processors that an issue exists when attempting to assign an IP address.

Facts and Changes
When a new 171CBU9809x is powered up, right out of the box, it does not send out any bootp requests.  After the PLC is powered on and it completes its boot up routine, the 'ETH STS' LED immediately blinks 6x (operating using default IP address).  Therefore, no IP was assigned via a bootp or DHCP server.  The only method to assign an IP address was to manually load a configuration to the PLC via USB with an IP address configured.

The issue occurs with 171CBU9809x firmware v.1.00 and v1.20.

Causes and Fixes

The issue was resolved in firmware version 1.21. 

Additional Information

Products affected:  171CBU98090 and 171CBU98091.

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