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What will be the replacement to the TSXETG100 Modbus Serial to Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet Gateway

The new Link150 Modbus Serial to Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet Gateway (Part# EGX150) is a direct replacement for the TSXETG100 and can be used together on the same system to connect Modbus Serial devices to the Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet network. Customers expanding an existing system will be able to utilize the Link150 along with existing TSXETG100 that are installed in the same systems without any issues.
Furthermore the TSXETG100 is being replaced because the Link150 provides the same capabilities as the TSXETG100 along with future expansion capabilities providing additional features such as dual Ethernet ports, Power over Ethernet(PoE), IP V6 support and DNS support that will be available in future product releases. 

End of Commercialization for the TSXETG100 is January 31, 2017 and End of Service is January 31, 2020:
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