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Preventa XCS - Are the XCSDMP/C/R magnetic switches compatible with the XPSAC or XPSAXE or equivalent safety relays?

Please note that the XCSDMP or XCSDMC or XCSDMR magnetic switches use reed switches for their contacts. Such devices have a limited switching current. Typical current for the XCSDMP/C/R contact monitoring < 50mA. XPSAC or XPSAXE unit or TM3SAC5, monitoring the both XCSDMP/C/R/7* contacts in the unit supply (2 channel-application), are not compatible with the current allowed for the XCSDMP/C/R contacts. That's the reason why such inappropriate units are not shown into the XCSDMP/C/R instruction sheet. Find attached the XPS units table compatibility depending on both XCSDMP/C/R models.
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