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How to change a device connection type from serial to ethernet while retaining data in PME

The device connection was connected serially using an ethernet gateway and now it's directly connected using ethernet. The user would like to change the connection type while retaining the historical data in PME 8.0.

Production Line
SPM 7.0.1, PME 7.2, PME 8 

Management Console 

To change the connection type:

1- Note down the device name ( Group.Name) for example: MainBuilding.Feeder1.

2- Delete the serial device from management console by right clicking on the device in the device list.

3- Re-add the device as an ethernet device Making sure that the group and name are exactly the same. In this example : MainBuilding.Feeder1.

if the name ( of the ethernet device is exactly the same, the data will be re-linked automatically in the database. 

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