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What is the replacement for the Momentum 172JNN21032 Modbus communications adapter?

Replacement for the Momentum 172JNN21032

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Modicon Momentum

The Momentum 172JNN21032 Modbus communications adapter is no longer actively sold and there's no replacement. Customer's need to upgrade to the newer Unity Momentum series. The 172JNN21032 adapter is no longer required because the newer Unity Momentum processors (171CBUxxxxx) have most of their functions already embedded in the CPU.

However, the 172JNN21032 might still be available through the Service Sales group. The Service Sales group handles the inventory leftover, refurbished units and third party acquisitions. The Service Sales group can be reached at "". Simply give them the part number, quantity you're looking for and ask for pricing and availability on the Momentum 172JNN21032 Modbus communications adapter.
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