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What to Set StatusRegister to Establish Communication between Power Scada Expert (PSE) and EM4800

EM4800 devices in Power Scada Expert are offline.

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Power Scada Expert (PSE)

INI file configuration.

StatusRegister parameter in the INI file defines a holding register that the driver reads to determine whether a device is responding to communication requests. The result of this read is not important, however it must be a valid register address within the device.  By default this parameter is set to Modbus address 1100 (41100).

The MODBUS registers in EM4800 are “1 based” numbers for example 0 = 40001, 2=40003, 1100=41101 etc.


Now considering the default StatusRegister address of 1100 (41100), it corresponds to address 1099 (41099) in the EM4800 and does not exist in the register map (note the gap between 1014 and 1100 in the screen shot).

Set the StatusRegister to a valid address considering that the registers are 1 based, for example 1101 (which corresponds to 1100 in EM4800):
StatusRegister = 1101
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