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Can BCPME be used as gateway to monitor downstream devices?

Can BCPME be used as gateway to monitor downstream devices? 

Product Line

BCPME has one ethernet port and it also has one RS-485 port. User would like to know if they can use RS-485 as master port and communicate with downstream devices. 

BCPME configuration as gateway

BCPME cannot be used as gateway. The RS-485 is designed as slave serial port and it can't be configured as master. As a result, user will not be able to monitor downstream devices from BCPME. 

Note: The BCPME supports five protocols, some of which can operate simultaneously. The table below shows what protocols are supported in each mode.
Protocol Mode  Primary Protocol Ethernet Protocol RS-485 Protocol 
1 BACnet MS/TP Modbus TCP BACnet MS/TP
2 BACnet IP BACnet IP/Modbus TCP Modbus RTU
3 SNMP NMP/Modbus TCP  Modbus RTU
4 Modbus  Modbus TCP  Modbus RTU
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