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The "Add connection" button is grayed out when open a Micrologix EDS file in the DTM browser with a M340 or BMXNOC

Goals and Symptoms
After adding a Rockwell CPUs (such as Compactlogix ones) EDS files in the DTM catalog, we can’t “add connections" in order to exchange data between the NOC or SE CPU and those Rockwell CPU.
Facts and Changes
Causes and Fixes
This is an EDS file of a Rockwell CPU (Micrologix in this case) in Note pad:

$ EDS file for 1766-L32
$ Revision history:
$  1.1   09-17-2007  Initial Version for ML1400 Series A.
$  2.1   09-07-2009  Supports ML1400 Series B.
        DescText = "MicroLogix1400 EDS";
        CreateDate = 09-17-2007;
        CreateTime = 16:14:00;
        ModDate = 09-07-2009;
        ModTime = 13:50:00;
        Revision = 2.1;
        HomeURL = "";
        VendCode = 1;
        VendName = "Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley";
        ProdType = 14;
        ProdTypeStr = "Programmable Logic Controller";
        ProdCode = 90;
        MajRev = 2;
        MinRev = 8;
        ProdName = "MicroLogix1400";
        Catalog = "1766-L32";
        Icon = "MicroLogix.ico";
        1_Revision_Alpha = Yes;
        Port2 = TCP, "Channel 2", "20 F5 24 01", 2;
[Device Classification]
        Class1 = EtherNetIP;

This clearly shows no communication parameters and connections available. We can notice the difference with the EDS file for a connexium switch for example.
Therefore, there is no way to add a connection to that EDS file; this means that this Micrologix controller doesn't support implicite messaging.
We then recommend to use explicite messaging via the DATA_EXCH block
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