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What are the solutions to connect Distributed IO on a system M580 HSBY

The M580 HSBY offer is made of BMEH58x040, there is no BMEH58x020, meaning that the hardware front port are dedicated to Remote IO drops (X80 or Quantum). In order to manage Distributed IO (such as Advantys STB), it is necessary to do the following:
  •  If there are less than 61 DIO and no RIO at all: the CPU scanner can be used. However, the DIO cannot be connected to the front ports of the CPU (as dedicated to RIO only), consequently a BMENOS0300 embedded switch must be added in each local CPU rack to connect the DIO. In this scheme, do not connect the RIO ports together between Primary and Standby CPUs.
  • if more than 61 DIO and no RIO or if more than 61 DIO and several RIO: add a BMENOC03x1 to scan the DIO equipement. It is recommanded to isolate it from the rack.
Read the Hot standby system planning guide for details.
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