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How to increase the size of the free space for the CFast of the Magelis HMIG5U?

Increase the free space for the CFast System Card of the HMIG5U.
Goals and Symptoms        
Currently, our HMIG5U is provided with a 16GB CFast Memory Card. After installing system, only 3GB space is free. It can be not enough for some customers.
The goal of this resolution is to provide two ways to increase this free space.
Causes and Fixes       
The easiest way to increase the free space is to remove the unused user languages (up to 9) on Windows Embedded Standard 7. We can win around 150MB per languages removed.
The second way is to order a 32GB Cfast Memory Card (ref HMIZCFA32) and to download the 32GB OS Image under the following link:

Please, note that you also need to use the new Backup Recovery tool (v1.0.2.2) to be able to recover the CFast with the 32GB Image.
In attachment, please find the BackupRecovery.exe and Backup Recovery User Manual
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