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Can the 'sec_script_Security Editor1033.txt' be used to create security profiles by the user?

Goals and Symptoms
Can the 'sec_script_Security Editor1033.txt' file in the 'Unity\Security\Res\1033 folder be used to create security profiles?

Facts and Change

Causes and Fixes 
The  'sec_script_Security Editor1033.txt' file found in the in the 'Res\1033', 'Res\1031', 'Res\1034', 'Res\1036',
'Res\1040' and 'Res\2052' folders are used by the Security Editor and should not be touched.  The files found in
the folders are used for the language localization and are not meant to be modified by the user.  Any attempts to
modify these files could make Unity and the Security Editor inoperable.

The user must use the Security Editor to create the security profiles.
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