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The Magelis XBTGT is not logging the datalogging file to the CF card, why?

The Magelis target is not logging the datalogging file to the CF or SD card, why?

Product Line:
XBTGT/GK, HMIGTO/GTU/STO/STU, Magelis, datalog, compact flash card



There are couple reasons why the datalogging files are not logged to the CF or SD card of the Magelis.  Please check the following:
1 - In the datalogging group, under Variable Storage tab the Type is set for SRAM & File.
2 - Confirm that in Data Locations, Runtime data files are set to Secondary Drive.
3 - Go into the Runtime Configuration screen, under memory from the Online Tab it shows the Magelis recognizes the CF/SD card for Secondary Drive.

If you have confirmed the following, please call Technical Support for further assistance.
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