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'Could not start DTM' error gets returned when updating the catalog upon opening Unity.

Goals and Symptoms
'Could not start' DTM error gets returned when updating the 'DTM Catalog Content' upon opening Unity.

Facts and Change

Causes and Fixes 
If you install a new DTM and then open Unity, it returns the message asking if you want to update the DTM Catalog.
Duringthe update, it must start the DTM.  If it fails to start, the message '....Could not start DTM' will get returned in
a DTM Catalog content window.  (This scenario also applies if you install a new version of Unity.)

This could occur if you have a 32 bit Windows operating system and a large amoun of software or DTM installed
on the PC. When the DTM catalog is updated, it opens the DTM's that are provided with Unity and any other third party
DTM's that are also installed on the PC.  Some third party DTM's also launch their own DTM software when the DTM is
started.  If the PC does not have enough free memory, the DTM will not start. 

To resolve the issue:
-Close any processes running in the background that are not needed..
-Add more memory to the PC.
-Uninstall any third party DTM and software that is not needed.
-Update to 64 bit operating system.
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