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Preventa XY2C - Tightening torque values of the XY2CE, XY2CED, XY2CH, XY2CJ mounting screws, not delivered with the rope pull switch

For the rope switch pull enclosure fixing, the concerned XY2C* user instructions or instruction sheets provide the following recommended tightening torques for the fixing screws, not supplied with the product. Applied value depends mainly on the support material.
- XY2CH and XY2CE or XY2CED rope pull switches : screws M6, tightening torque = 4 +/-0.5 N.m (Newton x meter) or 35.4 +/-4.4 (pound x inch);
- XY2CJ : screws M5, tightening torque = 3 +/-0.6 N.m (Newton x meter) or 26.55 +/- 5.3 (pound x inch).
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