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What information is needed to upgrade / update SEPAM firmware?

User would like to know what information is required to upgrade / update SEPAM firmware.

Product Line
SEPAM series 20
SEPAM series 40
SEPAM series 80


Updating / upgrading to the latest firmware version of the SEPAM is always recommended.

The firmware update / upgrade is needed to fix know issues of previous firmware versions. It is also needed if customer wants to change the local language being used in the SEPAM. Lastly, it is needed if the customer wants to have the latest features / functions / fixes added to the latest firmware version.

Details required to request the latest firmware version of the SEPAM:
  1. Serial number of the base unit
  2. Model number of the unit
  3. Existing firmware version of the base unit
  4. Local language that will be used.
You can request the latest firmware version for the SEPAM by sending this information to your local Schneider Electric representative.
Additional details will be given to you by the local Schneider Electric representative when upgrading / updating the firmware version.

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