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How to correctly derive the DOM (Date of Manufacturing) displayed on meter HMI .

PM51/53xx meters are provided with a feature by which user can select the Date format .Date/month and year. The Available options are MM/DD/YY, YY/MM/DD, DD/MM/YY.The format selection is accessible from
Set up -->HMI --> Regional Setting menu
The Date format is applicable for DOM as well as Time related parameters.

The meters produced till 31st Dec 2015, there is a conflict for the DOM displayed and the format selected. The actual relation for these are provided in the below table.
Format Selected DOM displayed on HMI
An example for DOM 28th Dec 2015  is illustrated below
Format Selected DOM on HMI Actual
MM/DD/YY 15/12/28 12/28/15
YY/MM/DD 28/15/12 15/12/28
DD/MM/YY 12/15/28 28/12/15

Note : The issue is been solved by correcting the production Tool. All meters manufactured from 7th Jan 2016 onwards will not have this issue and DOM will match with the Date format selected
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