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Sepam - I have ordered the wrong display option (integrated UMI instead of Remote DSM303, or vice-versa). Can I change this using the SFT2841 software?

If you have ordered the incorrect display option for your Sepam Series 20, 40, 60, or 80 relay, it is recommended to arrange with your local Schneider Sales Correspondent to return the relay, and to obtain a replacement relay with the correct display option for your application.

This situation can arise, for example, when a project requires Sepam relays with remote DSM303 modules, but an order has been placed for Sepam relays with integrated (Advanced) UMI / HMI displays.

When a Sepam relay is delivered from the Factory, there are a small number of parameters that are programmed into non-volatile memory during the manufacturing process.  One of these parameters is the type of display - either Remote DSM or integrated UMI must be chosen at ordering time.

This setting cannot be modified using the SFT2841 software, or even by using the SFT2842 software at a Local Adaptation Center.

So, if the user attempts to order an Integrated (Advanced) UMI Display Replacement Kit to install it on a relay that has been orderd with a Remote Display, the display will work, but there may be a "Minor Fault" condition displayed in the SFT2841 Diagnostics screen.

In addition to any error messages given in Diagnostics screen, forcibly changing the display type to something other than the type that was ordered will also be problematic from an Inventory Management perspective.  The hardware references for a Sepam with an integrated UMI and for a Sepam with a Remote Display are different.  So, for users who maintain a detailed inventory of their relays, there may be confusion when cross-checking the references that were ordered and the actual material that is in service.

To summarize, if you have ordered the wrong display type, it is recommended to replace any affected relays with a new relay having the correct display type.

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