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Sepam - can I use a remote display (DSM303) and the integrated (Advanced) UMI / HMI at the same time?

The need to use both a remote display (which is connected as an accessory to the Sepam with a CCA772 or CCA774 cable) and an integrated display at the same time may arise in certain situations.  We have received this enquiry previously from customers with the following intended application:

1) effectively converting a Sepam ordered with the wrong type of display option (i.e., an integrated UMI when a remote DSM was intended, or vice versa)
2) when the Sepam is installed at a physical location in the cubicle where it is difficult to access from a normal working position.  For example, if the Sepam has an integrated UMI, but it is installed close to the ground, or at a very high height so that the display cannot easily be viewed by an operator standing on the ground.

For Sepam Series 20, 40, 60, and 80 relays, it is not recommended to use both a Remote DSM303 and an integrated UMI at the same time.  The reason is that if both types of display are installed, there could be unexpected and undesirable behaviour with the display.

For example, buttons may not respond in certain situations, and the menus may suddenly jump unexpectedly to another screen without the user having pressed any buttons.  This is because the commands from both displays will be received by the Sepam CPU in parallel if both types of display are installed.

In order to ensure the most reliable operation of the display, it is recommended to use only 1 display type, and to order the correct display type from the factory.  The use of 2 different types of displays simultaneously is not a supported configuration.

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