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Sepam 80 - with the default (standard) Control Logic, is it possible to have 2 instances of the Circuit Breaker Control and associated functions (e.g., Trip Circuit) for a single Sepam relay?

For the majority of applications, each Sepam relay will only be controlling a single breaking device.  For example, a given Sepam 80 relay will use the O1 output to connect to the Trip Coil of a single circuit breaker, and other outputs such as O2 and O3 will be used in the control circuit of the same breaker.

The question has been raised as to whether or not the built-in standard Control Logic for Sepam 80 allows the user to make multiple instances of the Circuit Breaker Control Logic within the same Sepam relay.

Possible applications for additional instances could include the following:
1) a Sepam relay is installed in switchgear where it could be useful to have a single Sepam relay control 2 different circuit breakers at the same time.  For example, the Sepam could use one set of Logic Inputs and Outputs to control one circuit breaker, and then the same relay could use a second set of inputs and outputs to control a breaker upstream, or at another location in the substation.

2) another example would be if the Sepam is required to control a circuit breaker in addition to another device such as an Earthing Switch, or a Contactor in the same power system.

At the time of this writing, there is no facility provided to add additional instances of the Circuit Breaker Control (and associated functions) logic within the same Sepam relay.  This type of application has traditionally been realised using a customized Logipam ladder diagram in the past.  Technical Support does not presently have any samples of such programs.

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