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Sepam ACE850 - Diagnostic web pages will not load due to error with embedded Java applets.

The Sepam ACE850 module includes an onboard web server with diagnostic web pages.  The following list gives some examples of useful information that can be viewed in the diagnostic web pages:

- real-time view of GOOSE messaging performance
- real-time view of configuration status of the ACE850 module (e.g., whether or not the CID files are valid, etc...)
- real-time view of the SNTP time-synchronization status

The diagnostic web pages of the ACE850 were originally designed for the Java SE6 version of the run-time engine.  This is an older version of the run-time engine which was released around the year 2009.

An issue may arise with newer PC's because they will not have the Java SE6 run-time engine installed.  In that case, the ACE850 diagnostic web pages may not load, or error messages may be displayed when the pages are viewed.

The file attached to this FAQ gives a suggested workaround to resolve these issues, as well as a download link to obtain the required Java version.

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