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Sepam MCS025 - should the ANSI 25 protection be enabled if I want to use the "Closing With Synchro-Check" control logic function?

The Sepam 80 built-in (standard) control logic includes a "Closing With Synchro-Check" function.  The image below shows the tab in SFT2841 where this function can be enabled.

The intended usage of this function is to add a logical condition so that Sepam will not execute a CB Closing order unless the 2 input voltages to the MCS025 Synchro-Check module are synchronized within the limits set out in the ANSI 25 protection function tab.  One possible application would be to ensure that a tie breaker joining 2 busbars which could be fed by 2 independent sources will never close unless the voltages on both busbars are synchronized with each other.

The question was raised as to whether or not any additional settings are required in order to use this function.  In addition to the proper installation and wiring of the MCS025 module itself, the MCS025 must be defined and enabled in SFT2841, and the ANSI 25 protection function must also be enabled.  Otherwise, the Control Logic will ignore the "Closing With Synchro-Check" setting.

As shown in the image below, the ANSI 25 protection function must also be activated in order to make use of this control logic.

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