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SFT2841 - why do I receive an "Error: 1004" message when trying to load a settings file into my relay?

This error message (Error Code 1004) has been seen with SFT2841 version V14.1 on computers running Windows 7.  It most likely can also occur for other versions and on other operating systems.

Based on reports from the field and internal investigations, this error typically appears during the loading of a settings file.  We have seen this error on Series 40 and Series 80 relays primarily, although it could theoretically occur with Series 20 relays also.

This appears to be a timeout error between the SFT2841 software and the low-level communication drivers of the host PC's operating system.  The following factors may contribute to this issue:

1) using an older computer with insufficient RAM or a relatively slow CPU to run Windows 7 (whereas the PC was originally intended to run Windows XP, for example)
2) using a 3rd-party (non-Schneider) USB to RS-232 converter to connect to a Sepam with the older "mini-DIN" round port
3) slow USB communication driver performance

Generally speaking, this is not a serious error, and usually the best solution is to simply retry the loading of the settings file.  A failed settings file loading operation should not cause any permanent damage to the relay.  If the error persists, you may wish to install the SFT2841 software on a faster computer, and also to use a Schneider-brand (e.g., Telemecanique TSXUSB) converter to connect to your Sepam (if applicable).

Please contact Technical Support if you have tried these resolutions but the error still persists.


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