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Sepam 10 - can it be used with existing VIP30 or VIP35 CT's such as the, CSa, CSb, CRa, and CRb sensors from RM6 and SFSet switchgear?

For certain situations, it may be useful to install a Sepam 10 relay in RM6 or SFSet switchgear.  The Sepam 10 may be used to replace the VIP30 or VIP35 relay which had been used previously.

The question has been raised as to whether or not new CT's must be installed for the Sepam 10.

R&D in France has investigated and found that Sepam 10 can be used with restrictions in combination with the following VIP3x sensors:
CSa and CSb from SFSet switchgear
CRa and CRb from RM6 switchgear

The short circuit current of the network must be less than 18kA, and the Phase Overcurrent trip setting must be less than 1.2 times the CT Rated Current.

Please see the PowerPoint file attached to this FAQ for more details.

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