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Osisense XM_XMPC12C2941C709 specifications and how to order in 2016

1) The XMPC12C2941C709 power switch is the "standard" XMPC12C2941 (available under logistic ref. XMPC12C2941AB in 2016, with definition of the fluid entries A, B, C & D), supplied with the C709 specification.

2) C709 specifications meaning
  • 1/2 gas fluid connection drilling in A (see attached file for fluid entries designation);
  • 1/4 gas fluid connection drilling in C;
  • B and D closed;
  • Pressure factory settings : 6.0-8.0 bar.
3) How to order the XMPC12C2941C709 reference in 2016 : it has to be ordered under the following logistic reference XMPC12C2941C709AB (internal Schneider rule); nothing to define at order. Logistic situation : available, manufactured at order reception.
XMP fonds A B C D.jpg
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