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ATV212 drive is used in skip bucket application and found overloading problem while operating the machine with load?

You may face the following problem while using ATV212 drive for skip bucket application.  

1) The ATV212 with motor start and run OK at no-load condition. But the skip bucket machine will require to start and run with full load, hence the starting torque requirement will be high. But the ATV212 is capable to deliver starting torque of 120% only, hence the motor may not accelerate to full speed and the motor current will stay at maximum limit.
2) The skip bucket machine is fitted with a bucket, when the skip bucket going up the motor is carrying a load of 2000kg(approx) through a reduction gear box, in some reason the motor will have to stop in between holding the all the 2000kg weight, the motor shaft will be hold by a break system. When the break is released, the drive has to run up or down (with load) without dropping the load down.
3) The motor break will be operated by a conductor and the break contractor should be controlled through the drive, so that the load will not fall down. 
With all the above requirements, you can understand the skip bucket application is similar to crane application, hence ATV212 will not comply the requirement of skip bucket crane application. The ATV212 series drive is suitable for HVAC, Fan and pump application only(maximum over torque of 120% only).

The skip bucket machine is high torque application hence, you can use ATV71 series drive with brake logic control function to solve this problem. 
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