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Is there an EMC filter of calss A is integrated in ATV212 drive or should it be installed separately?

All the Altivar 212 drives, except for ATV 212H***M3X, have integrated radio interference input filters to comply with the EMC standard for variable speed electrical power drive "products" IEC/EN 61800-3, edition 2, category C1, C2 or C3 in environment 1 or 2 and to comply with the European EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) directive.

Please refer the catalog page extract in attachment. It shows, all the part references except ATV 212H***M3X are integrated with EMC filter to comply EN 55011 class A Gr1. But it can be used with too small length of 5 meter to 50 meter long shielded cable as provided in the catalog.  

Also additional EMC input filters available, which enable all the ATV212 drives including ATV 212H***M3X to meet more stringent requirements: they are designed to reduce conducted emissions on the line supply below the limits of standards EN 55011 group 1, class A or B, and IEC/EN 61800-3 category C1, C2 or C3. The cable length is allowed to use 20 meter to 100 meter shield cable by using additional EMC filter references provided in catalog attached. 

I hope it is clear form the attachment that the Class A EMC filter is available with ATV212.
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