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Can the 2 ports on the EGX150 be used at the same time?

Can the 2 ports on the EGX150 be used at the same time?

Product Line
EGX150, Link150

EGX150 (Link150) Ethernet ports

Need to use the 2 available ports on the EGX150 (Link150) at the same time, to create a redundant communication link (path).

Port1 is the Ethernet Communication Port and Port2 is the (PoE) Power over Ethernet  Communication Port.
It is possible to connect the Gateway to a switch or end device (PC) using either Port1 or Port2, this will work.
It is possible to create an Ethernet chain using the EGX150 Ethernet ports, this means they are both connected at the same time. This works.
However, if EGX150's both Ethernet ports have to be connected at the same time in an unmanaged switch, this will block the EGX150, by creating a redundant Ethernet path which the unmanaged switch ports cannot handle.
To overcome this, either the EGX150 has to support RSTP, or the switch has to be managed and this way it can block one of its redundant Ethernet ports.
In the current firmware version (005.000.011), RSTP is not supported.
In a later firmware, RSTP will be implemented so that both ports can be connected.
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