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Why we are not able to fix LADN01 & LADN10 auxiliary contact on LC1D09 / LC1D25 contactor?

Yes, you will not be able to fix one contact auxiliary (LADN10 & LADN01) in contactors from LC1D09 to LC1D38. You will be able to fix only 2 contacts auxiliary (LADN20, LADN02 etc..) and 4 contacts auxiliary (LADN22, LADN13 etc..). This information is already mentioned in the catalog. 

The specific information is highlighted in catalog page extract attached herewith for your reference. 
You can refer (1) maximum number of auxiliary contacts that can be fitted: It is mentioned that "1 contact = (-)", it means you can not fix 1 contact auxiliary in LC1D09 to LC1D38.
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