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LTMR08MFM upon restoring power supply after a total power failure, during the relay rebooting, the tripping Output O.4 closes and send trip signal to breaker. How to avoid this?

All the LTMR series motor controller's trip relay output 4 (O.4) status is ---> terminals 97 & 98 will be "NO"  at power ON, 95 & 96 will be "NC" at power ON.
It means...
1. When there is no control supply to the relay the relay terminals 97 & 98 will be "NC"  (power OFF), 95 & 96 will be "NO" (power OFF)
2. When the control supply is given to the terminals A1, A2, the relay O.4 will change its status. It means the terminals 97 & 98 will become "NO"  (power ON), 95 & 96 will become "NC" (power ON) 

The relay is designed to operate to fulfill above condition for safety reason. Hence It is the normal operation of the Tesys T series motor protection relay, which could not be changed through programming. 

The customer should design their breaker tripping circuit accordingly to avoid tripping the breaker.
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