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Is any of the M7 coil suitable to be used with the LC1D150M7 contactor?

M7 is not a coil reference, it is just indicating the voltage level(220 VAC, 50/60HZ) of contactor or contactor coil. We have many coil references available in catalog with "M7" at the end and all can not be used with LC1D150M7. The coil reference will change depending upon frame size(power rating) and the specific coil part reference for different contactor with different voltage range and power rating are provided in catalog and it is recommended to use those coils only. 

For example : The coil reference LX1D8M7 is suitable for LC1D150M7 contactor and the same coil only to be used for LC1D150M7 contactor. The datasheet for coil and contactor can be downloaded from Schneider Electric website.
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