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Unity Pro V11 Remote Desktop connection as "guest" under Windows Server 2012.

On Windows Server 2012 , when connecting with Remote Desktop connection , user can be connected as Administrator or Guest.
But when connected as Guest an error message may occur:


The cause for the error message is : with Guest and User account, you must set "Windows 7 Compatibility mode" manually for five Unity Pro exe files (UnityXL.exe, CfCatGui.exe, LibsetServer.exe, SETUPEF.exe, LibsetServer.exe) on Windows Server 2012.

See the screen below.


"Windows 7 Compatibility mode" is set automatically on Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 when Unity Pro is installed with Administrator account.

But for Guest and User account, it must be set manually, as described in Unity Pro Readme

Important Notice : Unity Pro can only run in "Windows 7 compatibility mode"

During installation , Unity Pro starts automatically UPWin8Auto.exe. This exe sets Unity Pro exe files (UnityX.exe, CfCatGui.exe, LibsetServer.exe, SETUPEF.exe, LibsetServer.exe) in the Windows 7 compatibility mode.
· Important Notice : It works only for "current user". Each user must start UPWin8Auto.exe (using his own windows user login).

To set compatibility mode for other users,  User can run UPWin8Auto.exe (available in \UnityPro_XL\Windows 8\..)

Other method is :
· right click on Unity Pro icon (or UnityX.exe)
· edit Properties· In Folder Compatibility, select "run this program in windows 7 Compatibility mode

Same operation must be done on following exe files :
· CfCatGui.exe, LibsetServer.exe, SETUPEF.exe (available in ..\Program Files\Schneider Electric\Unity Pro)
· LibsetServer.exe (available in ..\Program Files\Schneider Electric\Unity Pro\LibsetServer)

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