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We have a ATV212 drive available in our stock, Can we use this Altivar 212 for conveyor application?

In constant torque application the starting torque requirement may be higher up to 150% for 60 sec & short duration starting torque requirement may be up to 180% for 2 sec.

In variable torque applications, the starting torque requirement is 120% for 60 sec & the short duration torque requirement may be 150% for 2 sec. So the drive power components are designed accordingly, by considering the torque (current) requirement of the application.

Now answering your question:
Generally the conveyor application is considered as constant torque application. Hence theoretically the torque requirement will be higher and ATV212 may not meet the requirement.

However in practically the induction motor is common for both constant torque and variable torque application. Hence ATV212 can drive the motor even if the induction motor is used in conveyor application too. But the performance of the drive is depending upon the actual loading on the motor. If the motor really require more than 120% over torque, the customer may face problem otherwise it will work without any problem.

You have mentioned that "you have ATV212 drive in stock, hence you can try to use the ATV212 drive and continue using, if did not face any overloading problem. If you face any kind of overloading problem, you may have to choose correct rating of drive form ATV312 or ATV71 series drive.
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