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How to solve momentary push button problem of remaining ON rarely when updating data from Vijeo Designer 6.1 to Quantum PLC over ethernet ?

Sometimes its observed that  Momentary Push button remain ON very rarely when updating from HMI to Quantum PLC over ethernet.
To solve the scan rate can be adjusted in vijeo designer to adjust the modbus request time.
You can change the equipment's ScanRate to fast, medium, slow, or user defined suitable enough to eliminate this issue. The approximate interval of settings to get data from device are as follows so that PLC has enough time to respond to HMI request:-
-Fast: 50-250 msec
-Medium: 250-1000 msec
-Slow: 1000 msec
-User Defined: 2 sec-60 min

It is more or less a fine tunning of  communication parameters. 
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